“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.”

Wayne Dyer


At Latarnia, we are committed to providing the best, secure, stable and scalable solutions and services using the best, tested and latest technologies such as .NET, C#, MVC, Angular, Javascript, React, SQL & Document Databases, SharePoint and WordPress. The solutions we develop are your Intellectual Property and require no licensing fees or royalties. These can be hosted on our servers on deployed on-premise on your infrastructure.
We also provide other IT solutions ranging from computer accessories to state-of-the-art server equipment and hosting services.

Software Development

Vendor software, often called off-the-shelf can cost more to implement, customise to fit your organisation and update. Also this software sometimes has an overload of unneccessary features you do not require and but still have to pay for. Custom application software if flexible and can be updated faster and your business needs change. We can integrate with a number of different systems using web service/APIs which we either custom develop or use existing technologies. These can be developed in C#, NodeJs, Angular, React, Javascript, Express and SQL/No-SQL databases.

Software Licensing & Cloud Services

Using reliable best of breed Cloud solutions is important. We will guide you in the right direction so you can make appropriate strategic decisions to leveraging Cloud technologies.  Networking, virtualisation, server services, software procurement and license management to name a few, we have the capability to manage all your IT needs. Backup and recovery, antivirus and internet security, we are here to help you use technology without the fear of finding yourself in the dark with the lights out.

Hardware Supplies

We have partnerships with some of the biggest brands. We supply most computer products from printers, laptops, backpacks, ink/toner, server equipment, networking hardware, e.t.c.

Our Technology Stack

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